We bring together people, churches and businesses to fund high-impact organizations that tackle the needs of the very poor and vulnerable.

Non-profits have a problem

They are tackling the basic needs of the poor in South Africa. They have a solution that works. And they know how to deliver it. But they lack the investment to create real change at scale.

Donors have a problem too

They want to see a brighter future for everyone in their community. They are compassionate and want to make South Africa a better place. But they’re not sure which organizations they can trust to create real change.

Together with you, we're on a mission to change that.

Together with you, we're on a mission to change that.

We find the people who are able to create the most change and connect them with the people they need to do it.

You can feel good investing in our partners, knowing they have all been carefully vetted to help South Africa’s poor in an effective and accountable way.

Your generosity gets to work right away, helping a worthy organization tackle a basic need in a way that can scale and help the most people.

We hold your impact partners accountable and carefully track your gift. You will love hearing about the ways you investment made a difference for the people you’ve helped.

The Result?

You have peace of mind that your gift is doing the most good.

Nonprofits who deliver proven solutions can scale and help the most people.

South Africa’s very poor have a chance to build a better future for themselves and their family.

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Some ways you can make a difference...

Give a vulnerable new mom the chance to provide the essentials for her baby.

Impact Partner: The Baby Box Project 

Location: Rahima Moosa Mother & Child Hospital 

How You Can Help: Every baby box you provide contains essentials for a newborn, including items of clothing, a blanket, toiletries and nappies. The items are personally delivered to each mother, and include a note of encouragement. 

Your Impact: Newborn babies get the start they deserve in life, and new moms living in poverty get the dignity of providing for their child.

Help a woman in the sex industry pursue a healthier and fulfilling life.

Impact Partner: Cherished

Location: Ilovo and Rosebank, Johannesburg

How You Can Help: Through a support group for women in the sex industry, reach out to women working in this industry in the hopes that they will come to know that they are valued, purposed and loved in Christ Jesus.

Your Impact: Women in the sex industry gain a Christian support group that helps them, without judgment, to stay safe and work toward a more healthy and sustaining lifestyle.

Give someone in prison a strong Christian community.

Impact Partner: Kairos Prison Ministry

Location: Johannesburg

How You Can Help: Through a support group of volunteers willing to go into maximum security sections of correctional institutions, your help will equip leaders within prisons to impact their environment with the message of God’s love.

Your Impact: Men and women serving sentences in correctional institutions will meet weekly to share their lives on a deep spiritual level and to pray for one another, for other residents and staff in the institutions.

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“We believe that all of us — together — were made for these times. That we are blessed by our Creator with unique gifts and talents to make the world a better place. We believe He has called us to renew our communities and country by being His hands and feet on the ground.”
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If you’re a South African taxpayer or the organisation on whose behalf the donation is being made is a South African taxpayer, please contact us to receive your Section 18A tax receipt.